Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Get Bent!!!

Hard to know where to begin with this if something so out of my grasp could even begin to be rationalized with mere words. Might as well start with the basics. Discovered in a bargain bin...purchased strictly out of curiosity (for a measly 500 yen!)...came packaged with a cd, dvd, and a batch of strange stickers. An epic story of utterly brilliant/ridiculous/absurd/genius. So so so so...fucked.

My suggestion is to watch the videos I have uploaded from the dvd before you decide to download the cd...
You will understand.
You will succumb.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Man-Z.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Man's Inhumanity to Man:

The name is enough to conjure up a hushed reverence reserved for the holy of holies...akin to an unspoken sense of awe when greeted face to face by a celestial presence. An almost mythical entity that in it's time, spewed forth volcanic chunks of skullfuckingly heavy sound that shattered through genres and ripped through barriers of musical mental confinement. Good god, that statement alone should have you curious. Do as thou wilt - but be warned, once you have been touched by the scalding hot white noise hands, brushed by the burnt fingertips of free-jazz skronk, bruised by the violet shades of translucent atmosphere, battered by the relentless psychic assault, and kissed these venomous, ragged, torn will know that you have come face to face with god itself...and it's name was Ladio Bolocko.



7188 That's My Number:

This Japanese power trio dishes out a slab of killer modern rock combining the hookiness of punkier bands like Ramones or The Clash with the sharp knottiness of more angular heroes such as...say, Shellac. Excellent songwriting with a nice balance of stipped down basics and touches of flair (god, that sounds like a jean jacket description). Go!Go!7188 stands as a quality band worth has been making my after dinner dish washing time all the more bearable.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Re-post: Chuck Norse


Definitely one of my all time favorite metal bands ever (although, I have not been very excited about most of their output after the Monumension album). Enslaved's early records evoke that gorgeously raw, yet savagely graceful black metal sound that (as the inside cover states) is Viking Metal. Folk melodies buried under walls of blazing buzz saw guitars (that are playing some of the weirdest, fastest, yet strangely angular and catchy riffs ever!), frantic drums pounding and bashing away with lots of weird fills and jazzy post-rock interludes, dazzling bass that drives every note forward with precision.

The thing that sets Enslaved apart from their counterparts (and probably the factor that has given them incredible longevity in scene where bands debut and vanish in record time), is the fact that they write some damn good songs! Their sense of timing is infused with sheer brilliance and astounding creativity within the melodies, structure, timing, and presentation of this awe-inspiring album.


Equinox Rox:

Happy Spring Equinox Day!

Shall we celebrate this occasion by bidding farewell to winter with the 2004 Bathos album by the almighty forest-dwelling Finnish doom curiosity known as Aarni?


And shall we welcome the springtime Sakura by blasting the pop masterwork Jet CD from Japan's longstanding queens of mighty melody machine?


The repost:

As a few of you may have noticed, there have been few recent posts lately. This is is no small part due to an insane schedule that has left me with not much causal free time on my hands. This blog is not dead...

In the meantime, a few requests for reposts..sorry for the delay.

CRUCIAL YOUTH - The Posi Machine


SUN RA - Reflections In Blue


Stay Tuned...