Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 ::: END IT ALL ~~~!

Probably my most listened to albums of the past year....
in no particular order.

FUNERAL MIST ~ Maranatha
CARETAKER ~ Persistent Repetition of Phrases
GLORIOR BELII ~ Meet Us At The Southern Sign
TROUM ~ Sigqan
AHAB ~ Call of the Wretched Sea
HARVEY MILK ~ Life...the Best Game In Town
JUN TOGAWA ~ Self Select Best and Rare 1979-2008

What about you?

Personal Problems:

A friend of mine wrote to me with a request (that I'll post soon), but his e-mail mentioned this great band called the Dazzling Killmen; who I had been wanting to post here for a long time. If "math rock" was ever considered geeky and frail, then these guys brought the muscle to the game! Manic power on display here from the chunky, taunt rhythms to the mangled overbearing guitar also healps that the whole band plays tighter than a mosquito's asshole. The singer sounds like he's about to lose his mind every time he opens his mouth. You can feel the tension gripping his jaws as he spits forth his venom. Quite possibly one of the most domestically violent musical experiences to ever creep out of the 90's underground noise-rock scene...yea, i hate that term also, but too plastered right now to care much about it.

Take a listen, a personal favorite and just the thing to turn onto in these times of turbulent trouble.


Re-post: Damn Fine Coffee

Hail...I'm not out of commision yet...posting has been sporadic this year...
i know, i know. Will have some more time in the upcoming months so expect a possible barrage!

Re-up by request!