Friday, July 27, 2007

Stream of Lights:

This was originally posted on the incredible (and now, sadly inactive) 194142434445 blog. A collection of live and studio work from the Kansai-based Diesel Guitar. The live stuff was all recorded outside at various temples and shrines of Japan; and there one track in particular that is enhanced by a rain shower.

01. Recorded Live At Koki-ji Temple In Osaka, June 2000 (8:39)
02. Osaka Zokei Center In Osaka, October 1998 (8:24)
03. Recorded Live At Koki-ji Temple In Osaka, June 2000 (19:59)
04. Osaka Zokei Center In Osaka, October 1998 (10:04)
05. Recorded In Niigata, June 2001 (14:35) (studio)
06. Recorded In Niigata, June 2001 (7:04) (studio)

Beautiful and compelling work on display here.
Sadly under heard and worth a resurrection.

Drone on

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Re-post: Hurts So Good

What better way to follow up on the Superstars comp then a re-post (by request) of the Bass Zeppelin album!

Rocketh On...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Don't Let That Dream Slip Away:

It's been a long time since i posted anything really here's a collection of stuff that never fails to crack me up and it's got a little bit of a story behind it as well.

When I used to live in America, I worked in the music business for a major label record company that mostly handled hard rock and heavy metal acts. The job was fun and interesting; but juggling the madness was a huge stress. It was not an unusual thing to have fellow co-workers break out in random screams to nullify the pressure. Pretty funny. The highlight of every week was checking out the demos that we received from unsigned bands looking to make it big. We would hang in the mail room and anxiously await the days that the demo Cd-r's and cassettes would come in along with some of the most hilarious/horrifying promo photos and press kits! There are few pleasures in life comparable to witnessing the non-stop parade of delusion that just oozes from these recordings. From tone deaf wannabee teen pop stars to your everyday local bar rock band that just happens to have some of the most childish and pathetic lyrics that have ever been written, to party punkers that just write the cheeziest songs. Overall, it's like one big train wreck that is impossible to ignore. The only option seems to be to sit back and laugh.

In a business where i was exposed to artists and bands that tried to ooze cool and charm to the point where it was almost an insult; it was always a refreshing listen to be exposed to bands that were just so bad that all i could do was laugh.

Of all my collection, this particular compilation has been the single most requested Cd-r burn from all my friends. Goes great for the kind of parties where everyone is too loaded too care, or for the times on your next road trip where you need a little levity. Seriously great stuff..worth a listen, and worth a thousand laughs...and some of these songs are actually so bad and unforgettable that they're guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Arrrrgggh!

Now, if i only i had those press photos...

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Re-post~Pig Crossing:

As requested....the fabulous 1975 live document from John Tchicai Irene Schweizer Group. Only issued on Cd once and now gone! This is the third time up for this one and seems to be a popular request. Willi The Pig - certainly a fine album that deserves much (loud) play in your home.



Mystery album here full of some fine late-night guitar(?) solo drone. A fairly surprising amount of dynamic and shifting tones for this kind of genre. Moments of serene spookiness and a few frightening curves thrown in. Anybody have any idea who this might be?