Friday, July 27, 2007

Stream of Lights:

This was originally posted on the incredible (and now, sadly inactive) 194142434445 blog. A collection of live and studio work from the Kansai-based Diesel Guitar. The live stuff was all recorded outside at various temples and shrines of Japan; and there one track in particular that is enhanced by a rain shower.

01. Recorded Live At Koki-ji Temple In Osaka, June 2000 (8:39)
02. Osaka Zokei Center In Osaka, October 1998 (8:24)
03. Recorded Live At Koki-ji Temple In Osaka, June 2000 (19:59)
04. Osaka Zokei Center In Osaka, October 1998 (10:04)
05. Recorded In Niigata, June 2001 (14:35) (studio)
06. Recorded In Niigata, June 2001 (7:04) (studio)

Beautiful and compelling work on display here.
Sadly under heard and worth a resurrection.

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Guest said...

This is an *excellent* record. Yes, it's sad that 19* is out of business - that was maybe the most interesting music blog ever.


Anonymous said...

great record. by the way i'm looking for some Sachi Hayasaka & Stir Up! records. can you upload something. that would be awesome, thanks a lot for your blog.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Up!! Thanks much!

jd45 said...

Good job !

Anonymous said...

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