Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lover's Rock:

Although now defunct, Judy And Mary were one of the biggest bands on Japan's pop rock scene of the 90's. As a collective unit, they had a knack for kicking out some of the most innovative melodic music that took hand fulls of punk, noise, pop and mashed them all together in one technicolor mess.

The noisy elements mostly came from the guitar player Takuya who as a player, shows an amazing and unique style of playing...utilizing lots of effects and toys and throwing out some tasty riffs. The other ace in the hole for this band was the charismatic vocalist Yuki, whose shrill range and onstage costumes catapulted this group into the big time. Take groups like No Doubt and Avril Lavigne and strip them of all the superficial aspects of their sound, (oops, what would be left---?) then add in a ton of insane hyper magic energy and some strong catchy melodies and you'll come close to getting an idea of spending some time with Judy And Mary.

This is a post of the band's final album and one of their best. I'll be posting more from them in the future, but for's the 2000 offering Warp.

Crazed manic pop music at it's finest.

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beketaten said...

Thank you so much for showcasing the awesomeness that is Judy & Mary.
Your blog rocks my ovaries.

jAy @ jApAn said...

more JAM madness on the way..hope your ovaries are ready.

adgy said...

YESSSS!!!!! Thanks!