Saturday, November 24, 2007

For The Love of The Love God:


*Features members of Steelpole Bathtub



Kevin said...

nice one! I totally forgot about this disc. used to love it 10-12 years ago... nice to revisit again. it's held up surprisingly well, for what it is...

Mars said...

What I've been searching for forever is the movie(s) this was the soundtrack for: 'LOVE GOD' by Frank Grow. This was the soundtrack for a short film called 'Love God' which Grow used to drum up financing for a proper full length feature of the same name.

The fact that it has completely disappeared wouldn't be so weird if it weren't for the historical fact that it was the FIRST film shot entirely in a Digital Medium. No film!

Weird... It's looks sick!

stevenfiche said...

This is a great disc. I first discovered Steel Pole Bath Tub back in 1993 and have slowly obtained pretty much their entire catalog including side projects. "Project M-13" is also a really cool Milk Cult album.