Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lightning Strikes Twice:

A lot of people really enjoyed the last Asa-Chang and Junray post and here is another amazing example of the wondrously weird world of these Japanese players. Tsu Gi Ne Pu is an extended ep that has a bit more of a laid back feeling than their Jun Ray Song Chang album. Every song here drips with crazy creativity...dabbling in frequencies unknown to any other group; and settling in this really unusual vibe that embraces the subtle power and beauty of the human voice, exotica, tablas, and Star Trek samples!



Gaspard said...

Hi Jay, just wanted to say thanks for the uploads, I'm a recent adherent to your blog and it is really some intriguing stuff. Still mining the back posts, but I'm taking it slow, want to take in the full splendor of these lost albums. Again, thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

Hello Japan Jay!
I really like your blog, truelly nice selection. What completely blew me away is the After Dinner album you posted. Do you have more (please)?!
And, while i´m at it, how about some Jun Togawa?
Cheerz, Enzky

jay said...

Thanks for the kind words. Gaspard, if yoiu happen to need me to re-load anything from the archives, let me know.
Anonymous -- I will post some more After Dinner stuff and did you happen to get the Jun Togawa track from here:

Thanks again.

enzky said...

hi jay!
great, looking forward to more after dinner then! yep, got the togawa track from the porsche guys´ amazing comp.
why i was asking about her here in the first place was because i found out about her when i was listening to otomo y. jazz ensemble album "dreams"(that i got from my dad), where she sings in the first song "preach", which is, surprise, written by no other than asa chang (from their hana album)...
then i saw this:
and was absolutely hooked.
but i can´t find any of her albums, so i decided to ask you...
thanks, enz

Anonymous said...

hey, check out my blog if you have a moment.

If you like it, lets trade links : )

codeverifier said...

Hi WFY, just got to your blog and it looks quite varied and interesting. Listened to the Cornet Project all day long while earning my living at hammering away on my keyboard. Nowe got Philip Jeck providing the necessary distraction. I'll be sure to rummage through your archive and leave a comment every now and then.

jay said...

Thanks for the kind comments--been busy lately with a new tokyo job but there is much lined up. stay tuned.

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