Thursday, June 5, 2008

Re-post: Tribulations

Few requests for this one lately.

Surprise Your Pig

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Anonymous said...

Hi, am I missing something with these latest posts, or is there no way to download them other than installing the UseNeXT program? That's the only page that the Xirror link takes me to when I click on Rapidshare or the other three download links. If that's the case, could I ask you to please use another file distributor? I have the feeling that UseNeXT is probably some sort of spyware, and that crap always finds some way to mess up my pc. I've got enough problems already with this decade-old machine I'm running here. It's great that you're trying to provide multiple sites, as that always seems to keep links around longer, but I'd rather not have to install a program to access them. How about Sharebee or FileDucky?

This R.E.M. tribute is a very nice post. I've owned this one since it was released and ripped and shared it for many years on a P2P. It was probably the most downloaded thing in my shared folder. My compliments on maintaining such a great blog. Thanks.