Friday, July 11, 2008

re~post: Kill Your Idols

BY REQUEST! Originally posted on March 23, 2007

Long before American Idol and Youtube launched the parade of humiliation as public consumption, most celebrities' flaws and embarrassing moments were rarely on display for people to gawk at. But, thanks to this hilarious historical collection of audio bloopers, the heroes of the past can finally be degraded with the rest of them!
There are many, many highlights to this 2cd set, but a few personal favorites include:

*John Wayne's drunken speech to a college ROTC group on the subject of patriotism.
*Orson Welles fussing with audio engineers over his spoken endorsement of battered codfish products.
*Elizabeth Taylor flubbing her lines again and again on a rare General Hospital television appearance
*Jerry Lewis' hilarious prank calls. One of which involves the comedian torturing a caller who has phoned up Jerry's telethon (and thinking he's talking to a secretary).
*Tommy Lasorda's non stop slew of profanity.
*Famed band leader Buddy Rich verbally biting the heads off his entire crew. Ouch!
*the infamous studio conversation with the band The Troggs, that inspired the movie Spinal Tap.
*Paul Anka going nuclear about his staff's wardrobe.
*Elvis Presley hamming it up.
*Casey Kasem's infamous radio flub the "doggie death dedication"...a classic!

If you're a fan of bloopers, prank calls, flubbed lines, and just good old fashioned profanity (by the truckload), then do yourself a favor and hear it all for yourself now. You may never feel the same way about your beloved screen stars of old.

John Wayne/Jack Palance/Zsa Zsa Gabor/Col. Harland Sanders/Orson Welles/Mickey Rooney/William Shatner/Louis Nye/Carol Burnett/Tim Conway/Elizabeth Taylor/Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis/Jerry Lewis/Peter Sellers/Jonathan Winters/Richard Pryor/Marlon Brando/Elvis Presley/Lionel Barrymore/Don Messick & June Foray/Tom Brokaw/Mike Tyson/Rich "Goose" Gossage/ABC Annouincers/Earl Weaver/Tommy Lasorda/Lee Eila

Bing Crosby/Billie Holiday/Julie London/Ray Charles/Buddy Rich/Freddie Hubbard/Sammy Davis Jr with Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin/The Troggs/The Beach Boys/Elvis Presley/Casey Kasem/Barry White/Paul Anka/Sky Saxon

(helps with the jokes to know the context to some of these recordings.


Roger Camden said...


You have just made my day.

Thank you a million times over.

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Anonymous said...

God I love your blog! Hey I have a request. Bossa Nova 1991 Shibuya Scene Retrospective compilation. It would fit perfectly to your blog. I used hours searching it, but without results. Thanks a million!

andy said...

awesome thank you. the casey kasem thing got sampled by negativland somewhere along the line and i always wondered where they got it from.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just discovered this blog, and I'm really enjoying it! The entry for Ladio Bolocko was pretty compelling, but it looks like the download is dead, is there any way you could re-up it?