Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Times:

   Two quick single from very popular j-pop singer Chara who possesses one of the most unique voices...simple and childlike yet very sultry and somewhat bluesy. The music on these two singles are heavy on the light pop. LEMON CANDY is a certified pop classic that will get stuck in your head no matter how much Japanese you understand. The CHARA + YUKI single was a one off released back in 1999 which paired Chara with Judy And Mary's lead singer, Yuki. This song is really hard to take with a really funny/bad rapping part and overall a weird song that doesn't suit either singer and they both sound strangely out of tune and straining their voices. BUT...the song has steel pan drums in it. Weird.

More Chara and JAM coming soon...well...if you want.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Many thanks for this. Looking forward to more Judy and Mary stuff. I can't express how much I owed you for the two previous CDs you posted. Thanks!


* * e d o * * said...

the links are down :( i am dying to here this....