Thursday, June 18, 2009

International Man Of Amoré:

This one will hopefully appeal to anybody who dug the Exquisite Dogshit compilation I posted awhile back. It was originally posted back in July 19, 2007. Check HERE (the megaupload link still seems to be functional). For those of you who have already downloaded that set and have lived and laughed with it for awhile; the name of Tony Fabbris should be nothing new to you. His rousing politically-charged anthems signal a new, brave tomorrow; where freedom fighters charge ahead in the name of democracy as his tracks "God Bless New York" blaze out of the red white and blue stereo speakers on the battlefield.

Well, here is the entire Tony Fabbris recording entitled LOVE AND INSPIRATIONAL SONGS INTERNATIONAL. It's a rousing set of tunes among them are the already mentioned future anthem "God Bless New York" as well as "The Berlin Wall" (also featured on the E.D. comp.).........BUT WAIT--THERE'S MORE!!!!! Tony is not just a man with social justice and anti-terrorist tunes in his repertoire; he's also got love on the mind. Special lady...special lady...all the good stuff gets juiced up and stuck in the head.

Hell, there is even a FUCKING KARAOKE TRACK on here; just i case you want to bust out your own hot rendition of "The Berlin Wall" at your next fret party. Can't go wrong with this.

Not only that, but the man has moves. Do you know word went through my mind the second I discovered his videos on youtube? SCORE!


Goofy said...

Thanks for Tony Fabbri. I kinda like this kind of patriotic rubbish. We have to remember the wise words of the Great Man "Bring It on".

Goofy said...

Where can I find names for the tracks? I have 10 tracks with no names. Music is - to put it politely - what it is.

Pete said...

Thanks. Fantastically bad!

Track names for the first six tracks via his youtube videos:

1. God Bless New York
2. Splendid Lady
3. Everybody Needs Love
4. Baby Bright Eyes
5. The Berlin Wall
6. The Berlin Wall (karaoke version)
7-10. ??

The Sandwich said...

dude...tears in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

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