Sunday, September 2, 2007

Desert Storm:

Excellent recording of minimalist/experimental music from Swedish composer Ragnar Grippe. This album flows with a very organic sound that embraces natural reverb and echo using organ, recorder, harmonica, electric guitar, bells, voice, thumb organ, and maracas. The results are serene, tranquil, mysterious, and stunningly beautiful. Ragnar Grippe's SAND album is one of those late night records that you never want to end.

NOTE: this is the Cd re-release on Streamline Records 1996



Theo said...

love it, thanks!

Pieter said...

Thanks for all the great records

jd45 said...

Many thanks for this one and all your posts

grasprelease said...

Thx for this classic! Lost my own cd. Love this blog. Fierce!