Saturday, September 1, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morn...

Look what I found the other day in the secondhand bargain bin....Faith No More's Japan single for "Easy." I used to have the other version of this single with the rhino humping cover but this version contains 6 exclusive live tracks of songs from the Angel Dust album. Which is great, because that's one of my favorite albums and this is my first time to hear some of the material performed live. Smart, psychotic, intelligent, and inspired stuff here.

Faith No More - Easy (Japan single 1993)
1. Easy 2. Easy (live) 3. Be Aggressive (live) 4. Land Of Sunshine (live)
5. RV (live) 6. Kindergarten (live) 7. A Small Victory (live)



pb said...

Funny. I have this one, too. Bought it in Bielefeld, Germany (being from Hungary and never been to Japan).

Anonymous said...

City Kids ,a french rock band used the same photo for their 1st mini lp ! But it was in 1981 !