Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lost Boys (part 3):

HAHAAHA--okay, first things first, let's examine this cover together. We have two Japanese guys--well past their "prime" for trying to pose like this on an album jacket...sporting a Fubu shirt, bandana, derby hat, sparkle makeup on the eyes, and...a big bottle of Coca-cola in a bag?????

But take a look at the sub-title: Essential Collection of 80's New Wave. Okay--must be another cash-in for all those 80's bands---I bet you could even guess some of the bands on here....Men Without Hats, Toni Basil,'s all here, right?

Nope. Not a one. BUT---this is by far one of the MOST ESSENTIAL collection of 80's new wave that you are going to find. The sub-title does not lie. Witness this stellar listing of excellent (and some absurdly rare) tracks:

01. ALIEN SEX FIEND - Dead and Buried
02. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY - Mr. Clarinet
03. FRANK CHICKENS - We Are Ninja
04. SPIZZENERGI - Where's Captain Kirk?
05. FAMILY FODDER - Debbie Harry
06. MOMUS - Summer Holiday 1999 (Nostalgia)
07. GARY NUMAN - We Are Glass
08. MARC AND THE MAMBAS - Untitled
09. JULIAN COPE - World Shut Your Mouth
10. PUSSY GALORE - Teen Pussy Power
11. BORSIG - Hiroshima
12. ANDI SEXGANG - Les Amants D'un A Jour
13. THE RESIDENTS - Constantinople
14. VIC GODARD & THE SUBWAY SECT - Chain Smoking
15. VISAGE - The Damned Don't Cry
16. DJ ROMAN PORSCHE - Blue Monday

As you'll notice, the final track is a cover song performed by the lovely couple pictured on the cover, and the ones we should all be bowing down and worshiping for unleashing this totally rad compilation. They call themselves DJ Roman Porsche ( in Japanese: DJロマンポルシェ ) and they are still very active today. If these pictures of their live performance are anything to go by, they put on a show well worth seeing.
(Their utterly baffling WTF? cover of the New Order classic is well worth the download alone!)

By the way, I have Volumes 1 & 2 on deck to be posted next and Vol. 2 is all Japanese 80's New Wave!!!!!! Lots of surprises and discoveries to be made. I hope you enjoy.

For's DJ ROMAN PORSCHE showing us how the 80's were meant to be immortalized!



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Sir. I'm patiently waiting for more Judy & Mary stuff.

jAy @ jApAn said...

more JAM forthcoming

tantricextrum said...

have been looking for dj roman porsche, thxx

Scott said...

Roman Porsche is actually a well known Japanese cult band. I'm a fan - I saw them multiple times. They're kind of hard to explain. Strange guys, obviously. The singer has become something of a television personality. The other guy is apparently schizophrenic and was homeless for many years, despite studying at a Japanese "Ivy League" school. He tends to cut himself up onstage with a razor (I've seen it). They do this wierd thing where they just rant about being a man for minutes on end. It's a bizzare performance actually. They'll play a song, then the singer will rant for 5 minutes about men and against women. It's all part of the show. Another band to check out like this is Gyoko. They're not new wavey, but they're kind of from the same scene. Also look into Osaka No Wave.




Scott said...

Ahh gyoko


Scott >
Hi, i'm a french blogger writing about "Japanisthan". Need to contact you for talking about RP.
Thanks !


Anonymous said...

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