Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chop Chop:

   Need a quick fix of raw, unproduced gore-grind? This compilation will fit your all your unnatural cravings, dear cretin. Not only does GORELAND feature loads of grunts, squeals, shrieks, and "I can still sing while I'm puking" vocal styles; but it also features maniacal drumming (both human and machine), gnarly horror movie samples, and a fair amount of impressive riffs. Fidelity varies from track to track so adjust your mind accordingly. I can't exactly explain the appeal of this stuff, but sometimes you just need a good blasting to clear away all the bullshit.

1. Lymphatic Phlegm - Chronic Nephrolithiasis Followed By Perinephritic Suppuration
2. Decomposing Serenity - Bubbles Of Blood
3. Microphallus - Evelyn Corbin (Victim # 10)
4. The County Medical Examiners - Vitreous Humor
5. Feculent Goretomb - Chronic Evacuation Of Semi-Digested Aliments
6. Oxidised Razor - Anal Carnage
7. Last Days Of Humanity - Suppurated Sublimisation
8. Autophagia - Syringa Necrose Your Cerebral With
9. Blue Holocaust - The Fifth Cord
10. Cativeiro - The Great Hidden Power Of A Decaying Torso
11. Disgorge (Mex) - Excremential Lust
12. Rompeprop - Dislocated Purple Stoma
13. Pigsty - Deviant In Your Bath
14. Gruesome Stuff Relish - El Duce Inn Massacre
15. Reek Of Shits - The Oversalted Menses
16. Haemorrhage - Obnoxious (Surgeon Of The Dead)
17. Mincing Fury And Guttural Clamour Of The Queer Decay - Confinement
18. Butcher Abc - Dozen Of Dismembered Torsos
19. Ghoul - Ghoulhunter
20. Grossmember - Mind Collapse System
21. Luteous - Grinding Flesh
22. Noisecore Freak - Harsh Bedwire
23. Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage - Delicate Punctured Organ
24. Amoebic Dysentery - Masturbatory Mastication
25. Gross - Bred By The Dead
26. Spineless - Ode To Gore (Part 4)
27. Meatknife - Fingered And Fistfucked
28. Fuck The Facts - The Burning Side

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meltedrubbersoul said...

I ate the bait...and it was tasteh.

Thanx WFU? !