Saturday, March 7, 2009

One Wong Move:

   UNMEI NO TSUBASA, the 2001 album by Hong Kong mega-starlet remains as one of the standout sue in no small part to the first track "光之翼" which starts of with a simple, dreamy little riff and then explodes into a prickly, distorted, and ultra-catchy pop chorus. So good that you will be singing along in Cantonese in no time. The remainder of the album holds more sway in the typical Faye Wong sound, combing together strands of Chinese folk, French pop, and even a little bit of four-on-the-floor techno into one long musical braid.

   By the way, some small confusion on my part, I also have this cd title listed as Faye Wong - SUPER BEST. But I am not sure if this was one specifically renamed for the Japanese market or some other clever marketing scheme/derivative manipulation.

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Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for This Japanese & Chinese Records,I´ve Been Searching for Jun or Faye so long. By The Way,the "Mojei"(Abstract) was the only Blog that i made these downloads,but it´s over,I Thank God For This Exist,Hugs!