Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Big Chill:

The process of setting up and conducting field recordings in Antarctica is one of the most difficult of tasks, seeing as the region's temperature and climate pose so many complication to both the recording personnel and the equipment. Legendary recorder Douglas Quin decided to brave this journey and managed to attain some of the most astounding and bizarre audio treasures ever heard! Armed with an array of ice-resistant microphones (including some multi-headed underwater mics called hydrophones); Quin managed to capture the sounds of Weddell Seals singing their strange songs in sub-zero temp. waters! Other massive highlights include the haunting strains of the Wind Harps from the Taylor Valley and the sounds of a giants glacier as it floats along creaking and cracking out one big ominous ice-drone.

As the hot, humid sweltering summer heat begins to creep in, turn this one up loud and bask in this fascinating and (at times) otherworldly sound world of Antarctica.

One of the best field recordings ever! Highly recommended!

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MrC said...

quite simply amazing
...many big thanks!

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