Sunday, June 17, 2007


A double slab of excellent jazz from one of the key members of Tokyo's Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra. Katayama Hiroaki Quartet offers Quatre, a beautiful album of strong melodies and strong playing. Tokai by CO2 (which also features Katayama) is a live set consisting of a more abstract approach with some electric bass and effects-laden electric guitar; resulting in some more angular compositions. Both of these recordings also feature Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (of ROVO fame) on drums, percussion; and both of these particular cd's also showcase jazz versions of Leonard Cohen's classic "Hallelujah."

Katayama Hiroaki Quartet : Quatre

Katayama Hiroaki-tenor saxophone
Itabashi Fumio-piano
Ino Nobuyoshi-bass
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro-drums, percussion

CO2 : Tokai

Katayama Hiroaki-tenor saxophone
Hayashi Eichi-alto saxophone
Kato Takayuki-guitar, percussion
Hayakawa Takeharu-bass
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro-drums, percussion, trumpet


il angelo said...

Thanks Jay,
Shibusa Shirazu have been a blast this summer in Europe. I'm pretty curious about these records, as I am about the Willy the Pig by Tchicai-Schweizer.

Jack Celliers said...

Sorry for the stupid question: if you have a moment could you please tell me how does this massmirror works? Either it reports file is missing (ok, I get it), or it takes you to a page which requests an upload from you, but no download is possible...


jAy @ jApAn said...

Guess these are down too. They were posted awhile ago. Will put them on the re-upload list.