Saturday, June 9, 2007


Shock City Shockers is a collection of tracks cooked up by Boredoms honcho Eye and the usual suspects. If you're a fan of later day Bore-stuff, then this will be pleasing. I'm actually not exactly sure what this album is...but it sounds like a collection of just random studio tracks that were made just for the hell of it. Perhaps a way of testing out some new studio toys, perhaps? Ah matter, the mood is fun and most of the stuff here is colorful and focused. Space rocking jungle vibe with a few mega blasts of distorted hardcore punk providing some nice distorted interludes amongst all the "bleeip-squiggly-flab-bleeipbobo-beeeechi-chi-'s." Know what I'm sayin'?

Shock it Up! (updated link)


wassonii said...

Haven't listened yet, but thank you very much. i enjoy Eye's many projects I've heard and have recently become a fan of OOIOO.

Theo said...

niice thank you

landruc said...

The first 6 tracks seem to be missing.

Steve said...

Surprisingly, no one commented that the cover of this was used for the back of Beck's "Midnight Vultures" CD.

jAy @ jApAn said... just blew my mind. How did this happen? Which came first...the Beck or the Bore? Perhaps used with permission? Hmmm....worthy ofd an investigation. Anyone have any more info?

Steve said...

I just found this here. (Sorry I don't know how to add HTML tags....)

You will notice that Beck's name is scrawled on the back of the individual, instead of (I guess) an acronym of Shock City Rockers (a play on 'Clash City Rockers,' I presume?)

from a Boredom's history.



Eye, now knee deep in the raving electronic revolution, puts out a colourful dance-floor inspired solo album (Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin' 199999) as DJ Pica Pica Pica, for Japan's Comma label. Eye also does the cover art for Beck's Midnight Vultures, the back cover of which is copped from a Japanese noise compilation called Shock City Shockers, released the previous year.

I had read that Beck had Masonna open up for him at one (or more) of his concerts, so something related to Yamatsuka/Yamantank Eye isn't that far off. It's surprising that he got to know him.... I would have liked to have seen the faces of the concert attendees when they first heard Masonna though....

Steve said...

Speaking of Eye, has anyone heard the compilation called 'Gomi-Atka'?

This is from an article 'My Favourite Japanese Recording' by various artists.

This is Thurston Moore's favorite.

"It's a cassette compilation entitled Gomi-Akta (Gomi and Akuta roughly translate as Trash and Dirt, metaphorically as something with absolutely no value). It's released by Masonna's Coquette label and a weird, wild assortment of the Japanese noise underground is present on this tape. Yamazaki Takushi from Masonna gave all participants a set of rules: 1. No electricity or batteries allowed - 2. One take, no corrections - 3. Recording time less than three minutes - 4. All recording done on Yamazaki's Walkman. The tape is wrapped in aluminium foil and has ripped Sony cassette wrappers rubber-banded to it and itŐs all dumped in a crinkled plastic bag. All 41 tracks are masterpieces. Eye is screaming and flushing a toilet in a club dressing room. The liner notes claim, "The resonances of the toilet bowl are idiotically fascinating." All kinds of shit goes on here with people shaking pachinko balls in beer cans, breaking chopsticks, screaming underwater, hitting cash registers, teeth brushing, ordering yakitori, a paper cup leaking cola, teeth being extracted."



thug&chicken said...

I clicked on the comments because I noticed the Beck thing, but now I'm drooling over this comp

Anonymous said...

I found this additional information on a Boredoms related website

-Gomi-Akta (Coquette (Japan)--no #--cassette) 1993 - "7th Apr.' Bears" - Limited edition of 153 copies.

I've seen one site that has one of the 153 copies.