Sunday, June 10, 2007

Singles X4:

A smattering of singles from Shéna Ringo, Number Girl, Koja Misako, and Chocolat. I've posted a few albums with full descriptions of both Chocolat and Shéna; but Number Girl and Koja Misako are both new here. NG has a fierce indie rock sound with a heavy bass-driven sound that has shades of a Steve Albini project within it's core. Koja Misako is a famous Okinawan singer who is well known for her past work with Ryuichi Sakamoto. Her "Black Rain" single is a lovely song; laced with a delicate and sad melody that reflects the unique Okinawan ballad style.

All bundled together snuggly HERE.
Which DooYoo Like?


Anonymous said...

Please don't use Rapidshare!!!

Anonymous said...

more number girl please

Residentevil2 said...

This is a fasinating blog with pretty cool variety of music. Have tried a couple of your recommondations and mostly been pleased.
Since you are planted in the Japanese music market I wish to ask you if it is possible to find a CD that was only released there.
It is much in demand of being found on many blogs. A 1973-75 band called SILVERHEAD. The album maybe two is/are "Live" and "Live At The Rainbow". My vinyl was stolen over 15 years ago and have never been able to find since.
Thanks and appreciate the time and effort you have but forth in this blog.

adgy said...

Number Girl is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Your obscure boredoms reference made me chuckle.