Monday, February 16, 2009

Need To Bleed:

     Can't think of a better way top start of the new week with a rare little Roky Erickson treat. This cd contains a batch of unreleased music...most of it live, a few acoustic renditions, some spoken word piece here and there, and the standout being an unheard composition "Realize You're My Sweet Brown Angel Eyes" which is classic Roky material...all sweet and warm melodies with a muscular rhythm line. There's even a track here called "Bumblebee Zombie" which sounds like it might be a rehearsal recording. All killer stuff. And although it has been wonderful to see Roky's profile rise in the past years due to his health increasing; I still can't help but wish he would grow his damn beard out again. 

1) Bloody Hammer (studio acoustic '76)
2) Miss Elude (studio acoustic '76)
3) Haunt (studio acoustic '76)
4) Laughing (studio acoustic '76)
5) You Don't Love Me Yet (studio acoustic '76)
6) Creature With The Atom Brain (Live '80)
7) I Think Of Demons (Live '80)
8) Two Headed Dog (Live '80)
9) Bumblebee Zombie (Live '76)
10) Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play (Live '77)
11) Mine Mine Mind (Live '77)
12) Things That Go Bump In The Night (Live '76)
13) Here Today...Gone Tomorrow (Spoken Word '80)
14) Realize You're My Sweet Brown Angel Eyes (studio - date unknown)
15) Love To See You Bleed (Spoken Word '80)
16) Please Don't Kill My Baby (Live '78)

     Oh, by the way, did you ever hear about Roky's short-lived rap project?
I think it was called MC Bloody Hammer. Oh--hahahah


Molly said...

MC Bloody Hammer. you, sir, are a nut.

jAy @ jApAn said...

However, nothing beats Haulin' Oats.

Brother Nature said...

Two Headed the Dogs OUT?! Two! Two Two Two!

jAy @ jApAn said...

Ahhh--jason, you must have been working on that one for a while.-I chuckled.

Brother Nature said...

Haha, that was the first thing that popped in my head but I've been trying to come up with a better one since... I'll let you know when i do.

mr.meat said...

Couldn't agree more 'bout the beard. Maybe he traded it in at the crossroads for candybars.
I had a friend, 13 years back, who had wrote to him.
R.E. musta been getting rid of old clothes as he sent back a button-up greasemonkey workshirt that had been "Roky stitched" up the length of the buttons.

Thanks very much for sharing this gem!