Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whirled Peas:

     I could go on forever about The Dead Milkmen. About how they were always unfairly lumped into a "punk" genre (probably thanks to their most popular single "Punk Rock Girl), or about the psychoanalytical aspects of songs sung by Joe or Rodney, or about how this band seemed like one of the first semi-outsider bands to emerge as underground MTV cult heroes in the 80's and lead a wave of influence that really never caught up with them. And how odd it was that this band of jokesters ended up on the Disney-funded Hollywood Records in the 90's (!!!) and created the album known as SOUL ROTATION.

     Now, this record was blasted when it was released and it kind of became the "lost DM album" after Hollywood just shat all over it (did they treat Stryper the same way? God forbid.) and let it go out of print 2 days after it was officially released. To be honest, I don't remember being terribly impressed with SOUL ROTATION when first released. It didn't contain the same gross-out ands slapstick sense of humor that previous DM releases had offered. The production was certainly more polished than I was expecting; and the basic feel was just just didn't smell like other Dead Milkmen albums that I had known. However, it has become one of those recordings that has meant more to me as time goes on. There are subtle hints at genius scattered throughout these tracks even though at times it sounds like the DM boys are kind of clutching at straws to make an impact in one of those "Hey--we take ourselves seriously as artists, too." scenarios. But overall it works. 

     I like this Joe sings more songs  on this one.

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