Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Paging Mr. Aube...You Have A Call At The Front Disc.

   As promised, the remix project/tribute album to AUBE's seminal single-source noise/ambient album PAGES FROM THE BOOK. According to the liner notes, each artist was sent the sound sources ranging from 10 second loops to 4 minute drones and then given free reign to mangle, strangle, confangle their own twisted take on an already twisted, brilliant idea. The list of contributors is long and impressive. Hell, even Nakajima-san shows up to remix his own work.

Disc One:
Brume, The Remote Viewer, Sirconical, Supermassive, Pefkin, Vir,
Princess Dragonmom, Merzbow, Flutter, Persona, Wheaton Research, Monera, Hood

Disc Two:
Aube, Coeurl, Totemplow, v/vm, Briane Lavelle, Supermassive, Steward, 
Disco Operating System, Wheaton Research, Phosphene, Drekka, Volcano The Bear



Anonymous said...

disk2 is a dead link, any thoughts?

jAy @ jApAn said...

my thoughts: 'tis not dead; just checked it. try again?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, i cleared cache and it started up again musta been poison, but hey thanx for the time and effort here, mucho preciated!

phil said...

howdy - cheers for the review / comments - but could you please take down the links, as this 2cd monster is far from sold out... a link to would be appreciated too! good to see a blog promoting [mostly!] out of print gems.
cheers - phil.///e+j

phil said...

hey - cheers for the speedy response - and the link.