Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shomething Is Shqueezing My Shkull:

This is an album called FUKAMIDORI by a band called AJICO. This band was formed by Kenichi Asai who was the singer/vocalist for Blankey Jet City (a well known Japanese band from the Kansai region) was on the verge of breaking up. Since he had some down time, he got together some players and recruited the always impressive singer UA to handle most of the vocal duties. Up to this point in time, UA had released a string of successful albums (which I will also be posting here soon). Her singing style is very unique, childlike, sensual, warm and throaty and at times could be compared to a cross between Allison from Cranes and Sade.

FUKAMIDORI's sound is steeped in a stripped down, haunting organic beauty, with sparse arrangements that perfectly frame UA's rich croon. Hints of modern rock, shoegaze, and spooky jazz coalesce into a great album that reveals more upon each listen. AJICO also released a live album but seems to have been dormant for many years so probably safe to assume that they are disbanded, although UA continues to produce amazing solo records (and act). More UA coming soon, but for now, sink your toes into this deep, deep green . . . . . .


Molly said...

Morrisshey reference! I'm seeing him in couple of weeks. also thanks for all the free music i take from you.

all i do is take, take, take. :P

Molly said...

also, I'm enjoying AJICO very much. I'm getting a Shark Quest-y vibe, and though it doesn't sound the same, it also puts me in mind of Single Gun Theory. mmmm.

jAy @ jApAn said...

hey JONES, glad you liked this one. This is one of those cd's that I bought years ago (probably in a bargain bin) listened to once or twice and then stuck on the rack...only to re-discover it's greatness recently. granted, a few of the more rocking tracks don't really work so well within the context of this album as a whole... but i love the guitar tone and UA's voice is so...melty and dreamy. I'll post loads of her solo albums here soon. i lub herr. SHARK that's a name that i have not thought of in a long time...although i can only associate them with flyer sightings and not actual audio experience.

filip from Bruges said...

UA is fantastic! got all her just get hooked to that voice....

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