Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sean Combs...his hair:

   Similiarly-monickered rappers be damned...there is only one Puffy! Universally adored for their cute factor and based on their pure love of unadulterated pop (Did you ever stop to think about that word "unadulterated"?) they could never make a wrong move back in the glory daze. Thank to genius producers and songwriters who knew the advantages for ripping off their influences (The Osmonds, The Beatles, The Who, just to name a few). For those not living in Japan, Puffy has, within the past 5-7 years reinvented themselves as refined, mature songsmiths on these shores...although I suspect that (due to the popularity of that television show I hear they once had in the States) they have tried to retain their unabashed pop princess status; which is somewhat confusing for them I would assume. is the best of the best..the ultimate PUFFY collexion! All the hits and singles  and all the sugar-stuffed, candy-munching, day-glo-sporting, Roger Daltrey-aping, guitar rigging, harmony stealing, burger loving, goo-goo-eyed, bass-bumping, power chord-shuffling, sweatband-hoisting, rug-cutting, hair-frying, fruit-flipping,. brain-frying genius!

Your life does not add up without it!

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meltedrubbersoul said...

I loved this group in high school--there was some compilation album they released, forgot what its name was--, though some of my friends would never forgive me for listening to it. Fuck em. Thanks for posting!