Monday, May 21, 2007


Splendid orchestral pop music that owes a bit to classic French Pop more so than Japanese pops. Chocolat possesses a voice that isn't so sickly sweet, but sweet enough to blend into these beautiful and well written songs; each one a gem. Great production and a nice rainy day feeling pervades many of these cuts. This one isn't quite so technicolor as her Hamster album, which i posted some time ago, but stands on it's own as a real treat for lovers of fine pop!

One too many? No way...never enough!

Viva Chocolat!

1 comment:

adrien said...

Nice one!
Very various selection is yours, I like it ;)
(and much better than recent French pop, I can tell for being french, rare are the good french band now...)
I didn't know your blog when you posted their Hamster album, and it's no more avaiable... Could you post it again please?