Sunday, May 6, 2007

Double Trouble 2:

Are you a fan of Ruins? The Magma-obsessed hyper manic duo fronted by drumming madman Yoshida Tatsuya? Well, if you appreciate their unique brand of lunatic prog punk, but it's just a little too extreme for you, then you'll be glad to get your hands on anything by this superior side project.

Hundred Sights Of Koenji (aka Koenji Hyakkei) allows Tatsuya's Magma worship to fully blossom and take flight. The core of this sound is Tatsuya's drumming, but he is joined by guitar, bass, keyboards and glorious female vocals (singing in the drummer's own unique Tatsuya-speak language, 'natch!). The band's musical chemistry is unbelievably tight and the vocals flow with a gorgeous and passionate delivery.

Those who have an ear for some beautiful, heavy, theatrical, and strange prog, should download out this album immediately. And needless to say, if there are any Magma fans out there who have yet to hear Hundred Views Of Koenji...then prepare thyself!

Two albums here, both released on Hoppy Kamiyama's God Mountain record label and both prime examples of the dizzying & gorgeous tower of power that these fine musicians have constructed.



Mister Niles said...

Great. Thanks so much. Never heard the Hundred Sights. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much.I'm a great fan
of Magma and almost everything
which fits in zeuhl.I've listened
to Ruins and I found it really good

Theo said...

love these albums, thanks a bunch

Anonymous said...

Hello. Great Blog. Can you post any record from Reiko Kudo?


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! Thank you so much for this. Great blog.


nothingwheel said...

OMG! thanks, I've been looking forward to hearing the first KoenjiHyakkei for a long time. Yoshida himself gave me a copy of Angherr Shisspa 2 months before it came out in the states when I got to play bass for him on one of the "Ruins:Alone" tours. I like them more than Ruins for sure.