Saturday, May 5, 2007


Once in awhile, an artist comes along that just blows away any preconceived notion of what kind of potential there is for a new sound. Fusing talent with an unlimited source of creativity, Asa-chang & Junray have seemingly created their own genre of music. It's a sound that is so unique and incredible, that I have a hard time trying to pinpoint exactly what it is. It's very percussive in nature, with a strong emphasis on tabla and other Indian/southeast Asia drumming styles. Electronic elements are also firmly in place on these recordings, although the music never falls into that "ethno-electronic, world beat" silliness. A hard record to describe, but very much worth listening to; and strangely moving in it's exploration of a newfound sound.

The name of this album is Hana and that is the big pink kanji symbol printed on the cover of the album. It was released in 2001 on the Hot-cha record label.

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Anonymous said...

I have a head cold right now which may be contributing to the profound experience I am having listening to this album.
Much appreciation for your blog!

Cosmo said...

what a fantastic album. thank you!

appreciate the track translations from other commentators [for other japanese language albums posted on this site]; perhaps someone out there could provide a translation for this album as well?