Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Young & The Restless:

This excellent compilation showcases a select bunch of American rock bands that were caught somewhere in between post punk and power pop. Every group represented here carries their own great sound, yet seem fully united in their basic approach to songwriting. Probably the most well known band on here, The Fleshtones kick up a great racket with a bouncy brazen shuffle that would eventually influence more than a few early REM singles. Revelons are one of the bands that I had never heard of before getting this Cd; but their song "Red Hot Woman" is so addictive and cool. It's like a revved up Neu! complete with hypnotic and repetitive rhythms...but totally set in rock and roll. Bloodless Pharaohs are one of the more interesting & unusual groups here. They have sort of a spooky garage rock thing going on with some pretty weird compositions, keyboards, monster mash type vocals, and a young pre-Stray Cats Brian Setzer on guitar! Student Teachers, and Comateens also round out this package with some super early Romantics-esque type of tunes!

Sadly, many of these bands seem to have fallen by the wayside and have never really gotten the proper respect due. So check this one out and maybe discover some underground heroes of an under looked era gone by.

go go GO!

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