Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dark waters run deep:

Written In Waters by Ven Buens Ende is one of those records that grabbed me by the collar and sucked me into their dark mysterious world upon first listen and refuses to let me go. Their style is rooted somewhere in black metal...but only the roots. The branches are stretched out into other atmospheres and soaking up the moonlit air from other galaxies. Incorporating elements of jazz timing, post rock flow, and gothic maneuvering, this album remains a landmark of challenging music. A dark, unsettling ride that more times than not, defies description; yet demands repeated listens.

I must add that I feel like my write-up doesn't do this one justice. I've tried to deliver something semi-literate in order to provoke interest...but shall i just say: This album is fucking incredible! If you choose to download it; be prepared to spend some time with it will grow on you! Highly Recommended!

Soak it Up


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear this one but the link is dead

Aesop said...

You may or may not know but these guys have a newish band called Virus with an album called "Car Heart", and it's not VBE, it is genius!!! Great site BTW