Friday, May 25, 2007

Computer Love:

Tetsu Inoue's music is a world full of electronic space and sound; complex in it's detail and colorful in it's audio scope. To most people, this will sound like nothing more than a series of random bleets and gurgles, but when closely examined, there is quite a lot of thought and mind-numbing attention put into every little piece.

My only other exposure to Tetsu's otherworldly electronic music was his Psycho Acoustic album; which i thought was pretty good, but nothing extraordinary. i bought this Waterloo Terminal album because i liked the concept of music based on unique architecture and thankfully, his compositions here seem to follow more of a focus and have a better sense of atmosphere.

Waterloo Terminal
is a neat album ripe for moments of deep headphone listening, but it's not exactly easy for the average listener to fully comprehend the value of this kind of music. there's an overwhelming sense of something bubbling under the surface of all of these sounds that begs for further exploration. but the audio language is such an alien one that it requires a bit of time and patience. but thanks to Tetsu Inoue's unique gift for exposing these strange fragments of sound, it's not quite as difficult to get into as one might imagine.

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