Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lush Life:

"Landscape Of Smaller's Music" ...isn't that a great title? Notice that it's not "smaller" but rather "Smaller's". Adds a whole new perspective to things; and that seems precisely what Japanese producer Tomoki Kanda is trying to do with this album...change the perspective. This is an album of subtle beauty that strikes a balance between organic electronic pop and a wide-eyed sense of wonder for pure ambient sound. The album's cover art sets the mood perfectly: the view of a small creature (human? doubtful.) looking up from the tall grass into the night sky illuminated by millions of twinkling stars.

Upon first listen, this album may seem entirely too pedestrian or nothing more than casual background music for the Shibuya tea and cake crowd...but, slip on the expensive surround sound headphones and personally explore each and every one of those twinkling stars up there.

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adrien said...

Really good "nature" music! The song "Insect" is such good named! But I'll better listen to Kahimi Karie in Shibuya streets or at the Ginza 4chome crossing... (Really want to go there again)