Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pudding Punx:

Four Two Pudding is a Cd sampler from Very Small records that compiled vinyl only releases from some punk rock bands. I would think that most of the material here dates from the early 90's and features a lot of groups popular in the bay area. Were you ever a Maximum Rock N Roll reader? If so, then this band list should be familiar:

Corrupted Morals/Econochrist/Screeching Weasel/Schizoid/Dissent/Coffee & Donuts/Samiam/Offspring/Soup/Fuel/Sewer Trout/Nuisance/Lizards/23 More Minutes/Downfall/Horny Mormons/Jawbreaker/Sleep/Schlong/3 Finger Spread/Nar/False Sacrament/Pounded Clown/Plaid Retina/Logical Nonsense

up the puddin'

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Anonymous said...

not as good as vynil retentive, but still a great comp... long live mrr!!!