Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blood and Whiskey:

Imagine a southern fried, hard rockin' DIO and you'll have a bit of an idea as to what BRIDE sounds like on the Silence Is Madness album. Bride's early albums were a big hit with me when I was younger and I remember wearing out their cassette tapes. They wrote some great metal that was influenced by a lot of NWOBHM...early Maiden, Angel Witch, Judas Priest, etc. and when they wanted to, they could write some insanely thrashy type of songs, some of which were epic in scope.

Well, that epic-ness gets toned down a bit for this album. The songs are shorter and the sound is lean and mean. All the tunes kind of just get to the point and rock. There are not too many lengthy intros or showboating solos...just some great metal! I cannot really comment on whether or not Silence Is Madness stands as one of Bride's strongest albums because i have not heard anything released after this. Some of my favorite songs are "Hot Down South Tonite" which has this creepy summer haze that just seems to sweat all over the music; keeping it true to the song's title. Also, the title track is really awesome with lots of interesting composition involved. The final track is a bluesy gospel number that's not so impressive. I cringe every time the song comes on because of all the cheesy crooning in the background. oh well....

Also, note the awesome/hilarious "scribbled on the notebook of a high school metal fan" styled cover artwork. Wow!

Silence Is Madness

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