Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shoso Strip:

More from Shéna Ringo (aka Shina Ringo, Sheena Ringo, etc.). Shoso Strip displays her unique style for incorporating some Ginza gloss on some fractured hard pop rock. Ringo always comes off an an interesting artist who isn't afraid to write some grounded, yet fairly challenging music.

it's HERE


Anonymous said...

I love Shiina! And I love you too!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone translate the track names into English? Not having Japanese language installed, and an older zip program, I get gibberish titles.

Googling "shoso strip track listing" gets me the useless information that every track is called "Japanese Title" (Thanks, Amazon. Really needed to know that.)

jAy @ jApAn said...

Does this help?

1. Kyogen Sho
2. Yokushitsu
3. Benkai Debussy
4. Gips
5. Yami Ni Furu Ame
6. Identity
7. Tsumi to Batsu
8. Stoicism
9. Tsuki ni Makeinu
10. Sakana
11. Byosho Public
12. Honnou
13. Izon Sho

Anonymous said...

Wow...I was browsing and happen to come across the "Gibisu" PV. I was in awe at just how the entire song is strung together. Absolutely amazing and I'm rather a picky person when it comes to music.

Anonymous said...

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