Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tomoe's World:

Welcome to the weird, wild world of Tomoe Shinohara. A place where ridiculous pop music reigns supreme, people's lives are like video games, and Hello Kitty has turned into a worm. (See the photo for proof!)

Super Model is so full of over-the-top, catchy, and very very bizarre pop that it may be best to handle this in small doses. BE WARNED: the "so stupid it's great/so great it's stupid" factor is very high. I have played select songs off this album for people; and the overall reaction was pretty much all the same: sitting, staring at the stereo with a sense of disbelief that eventually led to uncomfortable squirming, then more disbelief...then sheer hatred. But when it was all done, even though it was painful, they asked me to play it again. And no one can deny, there is a massive focus and preparation to these songs, take the third track as a prime example. It begins with a dubby trip-hop feeling that careens along for a while with Tomoe's off-kilter, over-excited voice cutting through the rubbish beats; suddenly, a robot voice chimes in with a familiar Ramones-like chant and the song goes into surf rock territory...suddenly, here comes a ripping heavy metal electric guitar solo...now it's back to the surfing (complete with "oom-mow-mow pa-pa oom-mow-mow's). So insane, unbelievable, and completely stupid!

You cannot resist!


adrien said...

crazy crazy soft stupid disco, your description suits perfectly... good good, this one is really good!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stupendous find. Bless ya' wherever you are W.F.U.
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