Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Black Saint blasts off:

Yes! My favorite official SUN RA live album! Recorded in New York City 1968. The lineup is as follows: Ahk Tel Ebah (trumpet, drum), Kwame Hadi (trumpet, drum), Ali Hassan (trombone, drum), Teddy Nance (trombone, drum), Bernard Pettaway (trombone), Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, oboe, drums), Danny Davis (alto sax, flute), Robert Cummings (bass clarinet), Pat Patrick (baritone sax, flute, drums), John Gilmore (tenor sax, drums), Sun Ra (piano, clavioline), Ronnie Boykins (bass), Nimrod Hunt (drums), James Jackson (drums, flute), Clifford Jarvis (percussion).

A fine record that has now gone out of print.
*NEW LINK* (Rapidshare)


urania235 said...

Thanks Very Muchly.

Anybody else have Megaupload mess with their browser and lay annoying pop-ups on them?

ulaes said...

The file is gone. Do you think we can get a re-up or a Rapidshare link? Thanks for the posts.

jAy @ jApAn said... link up now. hope you dig.

ulaes said...

Thank you Jay. I've been looking for this album some time. It's also been released under the name Pictures of Infinity. It's great to finally hear it.

Si said...

Dude, Newlink is dead ,too..

Anonymous said...

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