Sunday, March 18, 2007

lo-fi blowout:

Wanna make a pop record? Sure, no problem! Just grab the guitar, get some friends together in our junior high band room, and press record on the cassette boom box!
It's that simple and that is what Satoko Shibahara was doing with Rocket Or Chiritori.

The young Satoko (aged 15-17 years old at the time of these recordings) has a knack for writing some very nice pop melodies that are simple, yet sweet and catchy. Her voice and guitar strumming is quite charming and the lo-fi quality of the recording only adds to the impression while listening. She is backed up by acoustic guitar, cheap casio bleeps, off-kilter percussion, and random sound affects in the background. Sometimes she is backed up by a band of friends who play piano, drums, etc.

This is not professional work; this is pure indie bedroom pop genius at it's finest; and each song is a real gem to share and to treasure.

Love Eyes
Tokyo Young Winner