Monday, March 19, 2007

In A Metal Mood, Part 1 ~ Tyrant:

When one thinks of most bands from Japan, the idea of something a little bit "crazy" or out of the ordinary usually springs to mind? So many Japanese groups are known for taking elements of popular music and injecting lavish amounts their own unique vision to the proceedings.

So, why does Tyrant's brand of black metal sound so...normal? There are no unusual instruments thrown into the electric drums creeping up in the songs... and not even many ambient interludes. In fact, Tyrant sounds more like a straight up version of (the very unusual) Arcturus. "Under The Dark And Mystic Sky" is solid album full of competent (but not flashy) musicianship, and quality black metal that sports a neo-classical feel with a suitable raw edge.

Into The Hades

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