Thursday, March 22, 2007

a trip to sing-sing;

This is the 90% acapella album from this wacky Japanese female art rock band; and it is a doozy! It features 8 songs of mostly vocals-only selections. In some pieces, there is minimal percussive accompaniment (hand claps, tom-tom drums, etc); and the only song here to feature other instrumentation is the bizarre cover of Kurt Weill/Bertroit Brecht's "Alabama Song."

But the main focus of this album is a showcase for the human vocal chords of Chihiro, Kirilo, and Fuzuki. Their voices soar in and out of haunting, childlike chants into weird off-kilter harmonies that quickly derail into fits of deranged melody. Some of these pieces are infused with so many twists and turns, that it's not hard to imagine that they are using a map of the large intestine as sheet music. I'm trying to imagine how this album was recorded and how long it took to master and memorize these insanely challenging and outrageous songs! Insanity!

"But what are they singing about?" you may wonder?
Allow me to present you with the lyrics to the second song:


Mr. Polish's job is brushing all day.
He use to clean up all the time.
He's always grumble 'bout his life & his fate.
He's got sick and tired of work.

Scale of Anaconda, nasty shark's teeth, neighborhood's feet,
old chimneys, dusty rainbow, girl friend's nostril, ears of piggy.

Brushin' brushin' he's got whole bunch of thing
Weepin' weepin' brand new broom is better to weep.
Rushin' rushin' he's got no time to sleep
Jung had been saying HA-GI-MO-HI-RA!

Mr. Polish' one day out of place, the place he hasn't been at all.
He's got shock because of big number of thing.
It's big enough to make him cry.

100's big old Buddha, ass of baboon, great wall of China,
Stone henge, legs of Sphinx & Eiffel tower, the Statue of liberty.

Brushin' brushin' brushin' entire of world
Weepin' weepin' weepin' fossil shell & mammoth.
Rushin' rushin' rushin' wash your dirty face at first!
Laotse had been saying just like this!!

Let me brush the center of your spinal cord!

Takka dune-dan Taketoki taka toon
Takka dune-dan Taketoki taka taka taka taka
Quoriri quoriri quoriri duneka dudukan
Dukidakaduka Dukidakaduka Dukidakaduka Dukidakaduka
Jyuntaka tokitaka jyunga danga
jyun jyun dakanda
Haite Haite hai-teke-teke hai hai
haite haite
Karakarakoro karakoro pi~~~~~!!
Daido Daido Daido
Dai da-da-da-da-da
da-Da -

Karaoke, anyone?


adgy said...

Sounds insane and awesome! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Aaaarrrghhhh!! Great stuff!! Have been looking for this for ages. Seems like track 2 is missing though. Any chance you could upload that one?