Saturday, March 17, 2007

Double Trouble

The oddly named Seagull Screaming Kiss her Kiss Her broke up a few years ago; but they left behind some very good recordings of their patented brand of volatile and dreamy guitar rock/pop. Think along the lines of early Blondie or The Cars but with a bit more of an attitude. SSKHKH's songs are flowing with confidence and simple, yet solid melodies that just ooze indie cool.

Although this band was from Japan, they seemed to gain a cult following overseas; but never really exploded with popularity. Their cd's are usually quite hard to come by and this particular one has been out of print and hard to find for some years now.

SSKHKH's singer/guitarist, Aiha Higurashi, currently has a solo career.

dig it!


adrien said...

Could you please repost the link of SSKHKH?
This japanese music selection is so nice.
Good blog, ... until I go to live in Japan !

RaD said...

Seems likely they named themselves after the XTC song of that name (which appears on their 1984 album "The Big Express"). Chalk that one up to useless information you never needed to know!