Saturday, March 17, 2007

time for a cranium bruising

What would happen if Piggy (from got all freaked out on speed and acid and called up his drummer buddy for some basement jam sessions? the result *might* have sounded something like crom-tech. "Record #2" is a cd full of dizzying playing and scattered with endless moments where the listener is left thinking "what the hell is going on here???"

Listening closely, this is all very calculated stuff...but yet retains a very "free" feeling. The guitar runs amok all over these songs like some kind of cat with it's tail on fire. Chords are mangled and strangled with seemingly no clear direction in sight..the fretboard is transformed into some kind of alien communication device where harmony and melody no longer exist...only these twisted, blistering strings being pulled in every direction. How could this guitarist have possibly kept playing while singing at the same time? seems almost impossible. Meanwhile, the drummer is no slouch either; flailing away and trying to ground these wild sounds within the structure that's set mind-boggingly dense as it may be.

crom-tech inhabits their own unique musical space, and it's not for everyone; but it's a quick and short listen (12 songs - just under 13 minutes) and deserves to be heard for the bizarre guitar techniques and out of control songwriting on display.

those curious enough to take the ride....
buckle up and go!


Martin Marceau said...

you're right about the Voivod comparison, I think it is indeed one of Mick Barr's(guitar)main influence. That is a gem. Go see Ocrilim or Orthrelm if you like this

Anonymous said...

update link please.