Monday, March 19, 2007

In A Metal Mood, Part 2 ~ Crypt Of Kerberos

Back in 1993, Crypt Of Kerberos jumped from out of nowhere and dropped this awesome album of progressively technical death metal and then vanished without a trace. I remember once when i was placing a telephone order to Relapse Records (these were days before the internet) and Bill, the mail order guy recommended that I check out this band from Sweden called Crypt Of Kerberos. I think my first response was "What are they called?". I ended up not buying it at the time...but years later, I found it in a used bin and was not disappointed!

The guitar work here is really something special..very tight and fluid, with a little bit of flash in the solos; but nothing overdone. The bass and drums are pretty creative and drive the songs with deep intensity. But Crypt Of Kerberos' secret weapon is their female keyboard player who lifts these compositions to ethereal heights with a sound that is perfectly integrated within the band's sonic territory. Remember, this was back in 1993 and it was pretty uncommon to have a full-time keyboard player in most death/thrash bands...and even if a band did have a full-time keyboard player, they usually just never sounded quite right in the mix.

After deciding to post this album, I did some quick research and discovered that members of this band went on to be in other big Swedish bands Pain Of Salvation, Maze Of Torment, and (to my surprise), the awesome atmospheric medieval group, Arcana!

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