Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is a post for fan of modern mainstream Japanese music. Most of you may be familiar with former actress and singing super sensation Ayumi Hamasaki; who rose from a very poor family to become one of the most powerful and popular Japanese pop idols of the past 15 years. I must admit, I was a bigger fan of J-pop music when I lived in the States; and now that I live here in Japan, I seem to get my fill of mainstream J-pop wherever I turn. Admittedly, most of it is rather turgid crap, but Ayumi Hamasaki's early works still sound pretty good to me, and there is a bit of a nostalgic feeling involved with some of her songs because it always reminds me of the first time that I visited Japan.

This particular release is a very rare single from Ayu's LOVEppears album for the song "Fly High." There are 10 tracks here and they are all remixes and various versions of that song. This features a surprisingly strong and solid sense of variation in these tracks, even though it is all the same song. The overall sound is certainly pop music with a strong trance/eurobeat slant; although a few "rock" guitars and orchestral touches brighten up the proceedings.

01.Fly high "HAL's MIX 2000"
03.Fly high "Supreme Mix"
04.Fly high "Acoustic Orchestra Version"
06.Fly high "Saturation Remix"
07.appears "HW Club Mix"
08.Fly high "Dub's F Remix"
09.Fly high -NON STOP Mix- "N.S DANCE MEGA MIX"
10.kanariya "fake compilation"
11.Fly high "Album Version" -Instrumental-
12.Fly high "Vocal Track"

here we go

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