Sunday, March 18, 2007

imitating angels:

The LA rock scene of the 80's was a fertile breeding ground for hundreds of trashy glam rock bands that would have sold their souls to the devil to make it big and be rock idols. Looking back, he endless parade of dillusion is sobering. But out of all the remains, there's still a handful of bands that are cherished to this day.

Nymphs was a hard rock band fronted by one Inger Lorre; who apparently was a bit of a figurehead on the scene and was also known to keep good company with Axl Rose and Courtney Love (who became a bit of an obsessive fan of the band and it's charismatic singer; but that is another story). The band became quite the buzz on the Los Angeles club circuit and soon Nymphs were in the midst of a massive media frenzy with major labels fighting it out for the rights to sign the band and put out their debut album.
Once they were signed to Geffen, their album was recorded but was delayed for years due to label politics and red tape between the band and management company.

When their debut was finally given the green light, it was already 1992 and the LA Glam Trash scene was quickly being overcome by the new beast on the scene: Grunge!

So where does this leave the sound of Nymphs only full-length album? Strangely, it sounds perfectly poised in between these two worlds. The guitars and drums carry a certain Jane's Addiction sort of drive; and Inger's vocals are powerful and add much depth to the music. Even with all these elements in place, there is still that druggy, hazy, lost trashy feeling associated with a lot of the LA Rock bands. It's so so good! Even Iggy Pop even shows up for a guest spot!



Anonymous said...

I love this CD. Revolt, The Highway, Imitating Angels. Great lyrics and very interesting sound. The cover is a bizzare work of art and I wish I could find this in vinyl so I could hang it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jay
can you please re-upload the album of Nymphs? I have it on cassette from back in the day, but it is getting destroyed.
John, Greece

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Imitating Angels and The River are AWESOME tracks, but my cassette was fading pretty bad before losing it in my last move :( Would LOVE to have those two tracks again...