Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jay who?

In the history of post~punk, post~rock pre~sucky emo garbage; no other band has ever come close to matching the intensity and style of San Diego's Drive Like Jehu. They took the template of rock and roll and infused it with some incredible power of punk...they ate it up, digested it, and then spit it back out through some kind of angular progressively warped filter. Long, Complex tunes that twist and turn, but take their time getting there. killer songwriting, brilliant structure, and...oh, did i mention power and style? anyway...get their records. "Yank Crime" was just re-issued a few years ago, i think and it stands as their shining moment, in my opinion.

This is a very special rare live bootleg from a show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, Ca. The recording date is September 16, 1994 and this would be towards the end of the band's lifespan and their final show took place mere months after this recording date.

The audio quality is pretty good here. Possibly a soundboard recording.
This download is worth it alone for the 9 minute version of "Sinews" and the 13 minute version of "Luau!"

Do You Compute?

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