Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tabla for Two?:

Psycho-Baba is a band led by a Japanese sitar player named Mhayow. Joining his ranks for this album is a cast of talented players and improvisers; among them, Yoshimi P-WE and ATR of BOREDOMS and OOIOO fame. Pleasant, spacey trance-inducing east-meets-west psychedelic electro-ethnic drum circle, kaleidoscopic too-stoned-to-dance songs flow freely on this disc and the mood is as trippy as the cover art would lead you to believe. Fans of later period Boredoms (aka V∞redoms) should appreciate this; as well as those who dig Miles Davis' mid-70's output. Actually, listening to this disc is like one big "Black Satin" smeared all on your stereo.


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