Saturday, March 31, 2007

Higher Calling:

Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye - A Tribute To Roky Erikson

1. Reverberation (Doubt) - ZZ Top
2. If You Have Ghosts - John Wesley Harding & The Good Liars
3. I Had To Tell You - Poi Dog Pondering
4. She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) - Judybats
5. Slip lnside This House - Primal Scream
6. You Don't Love Me Yet - Bongwater
7. I Have Always Been Here Before - Julian Cope
8. You're Gonna Miss Me - Doug Sahm & Sons
9. It's A Cold Night For Alligators - Southern Pacific
10. Fire Engine - Richard Lloyd
11. Bermuda - Vibrating Egg
12. I Walked With A Zombie - R.E.M.
13. Earthquake - Butthole Surfers
14. Don't Slander Me - Lou Ann Barton
15. Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog) - Sister Double Happiness
16. Burn The Flames - Thin White Rope
17. Postures (Leave Your Body Behind) - Chris Thomas
18. Nothing In Return - T Bone Burnett
19. Reverberation (Doubt) - The Jesus & Mary Chain

I've been listening to a lot of Roky Erickson lately and I don't have anything really rare or hard to find by him or his bands. But this tribute Cd may be a treat to those who have never heard it before. This is actually an interesting personal example of being led to the source through direction of the influenced. I haphazardly stumbled upon the original cassette of this tribute album and bought it immediately because I loved Jesus and Mary Chain and was a big fan of Julian Cope. I wore my tape out through repeated playings and I also remember coloring all over the actual cassette body with dayglo markers. Why i did that, I don't quite recall. Anyway, once I got into Roky Erickson's awesome body of work, his melodies were already burned deep within my soul. As everyone knows, nothing beats the original; and nothing beats Roky; but these artists here all share a mutual admiration and respect for one of modern music's underground saviors/heroes and their cover songs on "Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye" do not come across as being completed and recorded as a duty; but rather as an act of love.


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