Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gamelan Time!:

Gamelan lovers, take note! This is a very rare cd and is mind blowingly good!
Information is hard to find online; but here is the track listing and some writing from the liner notes:

The Eka Cita Ensemble represented the Badung Prefecture Denpasar region at the 1990 All Bali Gong Kebyar Festival. The Gong Kebyar Festival competition's finals are held every year in June and July, during the Bali State Arts Festival. Groups winning first and second place then give a public concert in the city of Denpasar at an outdoor arena which holds ten thousand people. Participants in this competition represent eight different prefectures, but for the past several years from the Badung and Gianyar prefectures have been monopolizing first and second place with an overwhelming display of force. Three years ago, however, in order to give other prefectures a chance, representatives from these two prefectures were excluded from the competition, and a special concert was established specifically to pit representatives of Badung and Gianyar against each other. This disc is a recording of the 1990 concert.

1. Tabuh Kereasi,"Paksi Ngelayang" 12:40
2. Gong Lelambatan Tabuh Pat,"Tapa Tangis" 22:38
3. Baris Gede "Bandrangan" 15:23
4. Legong Keraton "Supraba Duta" 21:44

Highly Recommended!

bang a gong


R3000 said...

Hey Jay !

Thanks for asking - I just added you to my blog list. Some very funny things to discover here. Nice mixture. Good luck with this !


urania235 said...

Thanks! I'll check back often.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the gamelan gong kebyar hit! one wonders if the cd is rare due to the misspelling on the cover.

there is an interesting rare gamelan compilation from the Ocora label over at http://bordermusic.wordpress.com/tag/indonesia/

Also recommeded...Idjah Hadidjah's "Tongerret". Not Gamelan, but absolutely essential listening all the same. Such a voice!

Anonymous said...

apparently my spelling is suspect as well...