Wednesday, April 4, 2007

All Hail:

The Japanese power trio, Ningen Isu (translation: "human chair") is a group of masterful musicians that propel hard rock/heavy metal into new and exciting places. The songs are truly immaculate in their composition and Ningen Isu's delivery is never anything short of progressive perfection. Each piece seems like a complete group effort, there is never any showboating, no one player tries to grab the spotlight, it's all one big tight ball of focused power!

Some band names I could drop to give the uninitiated a reference point would include stellar acts like Black Sabbath, King's X, Baker-Gurvitz Army, Tool, hell...i can even hear a bit of "Black Album"-era Metallica going on here; but there is something that sets Ningen Isu in a class all their own. They harness an original sound that brims with intensity, integrity, intelligence, and quality. Their artwork for their albums is always well done and I love the dark and sometimes haunting undercurrent that runs throughout their record sleeves and their music.

This is their 1999 album entitled Niju Seiki Sou Sou Kyoku (translation: Twentieth Century Funeral March). I don't know about you, but after listening to this amazing album, I'm ready to join that March. Whatever they say...

Highly, highly recommended!


Jason said...

Hey Jay, what's up with the .sitx format that this file's in?
I can't seem to decompress it.
Could you repost as a zip?

Danke Doombuggy.

jAy @ jApAn said...

gotcha. sorry about that one, jason.
it's .zip now!

Isaac said...

Thanks for this album! I started loving this marvelous band since I watched the video for Kaijin nijyu mensou.
I was wondering if you have more albums from Ningen-Isu...

Sammy said...

thank you for this very good upload and I hope you upload more of their stuff if you got it